Tortoli and Arbatax

Tortoli Sardinia is a small country of just over 10,000 inhabitants, provincial capital with the other country's so-called Province Lanusei Ogliastra.

This province is found in the central region of Sardinia, between the provinces of Nuoro and Cagliari and is washed by the Tyrrhenian Sea. A little curiosity is provided by the fact that with its aoli ​​23 municipalities and 50 000 inhabitants, the province dellOgliastra, headed by Tortoli and Lanusei, is the least populated of Italy.

The origin of the name is quite Tortolì discussed by experts of place names, but mainly it is expected to come from the name of an ancient port, then crippled by the Pisans in Tortohelie.
Geographically its location is very convenient, For this reason it is currently the subject of numerous trade and terrestrial, with the railway station, by sea, with its port, that air, with the airport Arbatax.

The neighboring countries are north of the common sunflower and Lotzorai, a sud Bari Sardo, west and Villagrande Strisaili Ilbono.

The altitude of the town is a few meters above sea level.


The territory around Tortolì is typical Sardinian, variegated with beautiful beaches, the hinterland and the wild mountain scenery in the Gennargentu.

Tortolì has always been defined as a country between the sea and the pond and perhaps this characteristic has been beneficial to.

The country is crossed by a small river, Rio Foddeddu, which flows directly into the sea near the port.

The area near the port, from which it is named Arbatax, is famous for its red rocks, which takes its name from a blues music festival that takes place every summer in the country.

These rocks are composed of diorite porphyry and red and black emerge from the sea as they were some kind of stacks of large.

It seems a Dolomite emerged from the sea.

A talk about the beaches in detail later but suffice it to say that they are sought after destination for many tourists to the white sand and clear sea and the. Below are some pictures of the beautiful beach of Cea

As regards the lakes, they are not present in the country, and the nearest is Flumendosa.


The first mention of Tortolì (although its foundation dates back to 3000 BC) back to domination in the Roman Empire by foreign populations, first the Carthaginians, Then the Goths, to pass under Arab rule, and finally the Spanish. In about 1100 he joined the Judge of Cagliari and became the county seat of Quirra.

Its recent history is more detailed: in 1807 became the capital of the province until 1859 when he left the scepter Lanusei and becomes part of the province of Cagliari.

One of the blackest pages in the history of this country is scirtta however, in 1869 when it arrives in the city smallpox, brought by a prisoner, which claims many victims. Just continue to do the smallpox deaths in 1908, until the arrival of the even worse Spanish Fever.


Meanwhile Tortoli changes again and goes under Nuoro province until the year 2005, when in fact became the capital of Ogliastra with Lanusei.

Another black page is finally written in the second world war when Tortolì, in particular its port of Arbatax, is bombarded by 18 aircraft to break the maritime trade of our country. A few years before had received the visit of Mussolini.