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In Barca a Vela

The coast

The River Kayak

Welcome to Tortolì

Tortoli is a small Sardinian village of just over 10,000 inhabitants, capital of the province with the other country of the so-called Province of Ogliastra Lanusei.
This province is found in the central area of ​​Sardinia, between the provinces of Nuoro and Cagliari and the Tyrrhenian Sea.
A little curiosity is offered by the fact that at just 23 municipalities and 50 000 inhabitants, la provincia dell’;Ogliastra, headed by Tortoli and Lanusei, is the least populated of Italy.


The origin of the name is enough Tortoli discussed by the experts of place names, but mainly it is expected to come from the name of an ancient Porto, then crippled by Pisa in Tortohelie.
Geographically its location is very convenient, for this reason it is currently the focus of numerous trade both terrestrial, with the railway station, both by sea, with its port, that aircraft, with the airport of Arbatax.


Discover with us all you can do and see in Ogliastra.
Visit one of the most beautiful places in Sardinia.

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