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Cala Moresca

Among wild cliffs and live rock, Arbatax preserves a beautiful ravine extremely popular in the summer months, a corner of paradise. Cala Moresca it was often called one of the most beautiful beaches of the whole East Coast. And 'perfect balance and meeting a clear blue sea, so transparent that allows a clear view of the bottom, of fine white sand and rocks and unforeseen, that surround the beautiful landscape. Behind the typical Mediterranean, that paints a vivid green coast. Besides the natural beauty, to find Cala Moresca other services, that will make your stay much more pleasant. A large parking area greets you on arrival, a food court and a nice bar, to consume fast food and pleasing to the sea. It 'also possible to rent beach umbrellas, and deck chairs, pedal boats and watercraft. The rocky bottom, and several have made the beach very popular with divers, but fails to excite even the tourists who venture to explore the underwater world with just mask and fins.

The beach got its unusual name to the frequent Saracen raids, that once the inlet must have seen many. Today it is easily accessible from the town of Tortolì. From the city follow the signs to the harbor area, and then those for the beautiful Cala Moresca. The beach can be accessed through a feature staircase in concrete, you can admire the beautiful view from above.

In and around, born by an inlet not far a good amount of hotels and bed and breakfasts that offer a good solution for overnight. E 'can also rent a villa holiday in Sardinia to live more independently and free. We recommend to keep under control the last-minute deals, that at very low costs allow you to live a dream holiday.